About the Certification



The Certified Professional Financial Coach Certification was created to fulfill a need in the financial coach community. 


As financial coaches for more than a decade, Kelsa and Michael Dickey - the co-founders of Fiscal Fitness Phoenix - have seen firsthand how the financial coaching industry has grown. In the online coaching community they built and from Financial Coach Academy graduates, they heard repeatedly how people were looking to earn a certification that was specific to financial coaching and to further legitimize their investment in their profession.

Throughout their careers, Kelsa and Michael have sought out coaching programs and financial certifications to bolster their knowledge. The problem was none of the programs were quite right. They were too basic (one even included a lesson on how to create a PowerPoint presentation), too focused on financial concepts, or did not really relate to the unique challenges and experiences of financial coaches.

The Purpose

The Certified Professional Financial Coach certification was launched in early 2019 to fulfill that need. It is the only certification program specifically created for financial coaches. It covers the three key pillars of running a successful financial coaching business:  coaching skills, financial knowledge, and business acumen.

Financial Coaches don’t need to be certified to run a successful business, but if a coach is going to invest in a certification, it should make them a better coach. The certification program was designed to expand a coach's abilities and business knowledge as they work through completing certification. 


The Certified Professional Financial Coach Council and Regulations

The Council

The Certified Professional Financial Coach Council is comprised of three full-time professional financial coaches and Michael Dickey, Director of Certification and Co-Founder of Fiscal Fitness Phoenix.


Although the financial coaching industry is not subject to specific regulations, the Council has proactively developed its own set of standards to protect both coaches and their clients. The certification helps provide accountability, support and legitimacy to anyone seeing to be a professional financial coach. All certified coaches must adhere to the Code of Ethics.

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