Become a Certified Professional Financial Coach



The Certified Professional Financial Coach™ program is an industry-leading designation. It has been earned by an elite group of coaches who are committed to their clients, their business and elevating the entire financial coaching industry. Certified coaches have demonstrated excellence in coaching skills, financial skills and knowledge, and business acumen.

Coaching Skills

Certified coaches  have the skills necessary to successfully coach and guide their clients to achieve their financial goals. 

Financial Knowledge

Certified coaches have the financial know-how and solutions to expertly guide and educate their clients about financial strategies and solutions.

Business Acumen

Certified coaches have industry-specific knowledge and strategic thinking tools and skills necessary to run an independent business. 

To become certified, all coaches must meet and pass the following criteria:

  • Complete the Financial Coach Academy 
  • Answer, submit, and pass two essay questions
  • Submit and pass the required supplemental business forms
  • Submit three client testimonials
  • Submit and pass proof of coaching 10 clients (minimum of six paying clients)
  • Submit and pass two client case studies
  • Pass the multiple choice exam
  • Submit and pass your "Why" video
  • Agree and adhere to the Code of Ethics

What to Expect Throughout the Certification Process

During Certification

Help and assistance during the certification process:

Once you have applied for certification, you have 12 months to complete the process. During the certification process, coaches have access to a closed Facebook group for candidates and current coaches. It assists coaches through the certification process an is a resource for certified coaches. In addition, there are monthly mastermind calls to help answer your questions and support your journey to becoming a Certified Professional Financial Coach™.


Achieving Certification

Once you have become a Certified Professional Financial Coach

Upon successful completion of the certification process, you will receive a certificate for public display as well the Certified Professional Financial coach logo for use in your marketing materials and online profiles. All certified coaches will also be listed on this website and given access to marketing materials and white papers to educate their clients about the Certified Professional Financial Coach™ designation.  

Certified coaches are expected to adhere to the Code of Ethics.

Maintaining Certification

The coaching industry is evolving and certified coaches are expected to remain on top of industry trends and continue to demonstrate their commitment to bettering their business and their clients’ lives. All certified coaches will need to renew their certification on an annual basis. 

To renew certification, you will need to: 

  • Demonstrate reinforcement and expansion of a full spectrum of personal finance and coaching knowledge and skills
  • Participate in ongoing professional development activities and lifelong learning
  • Pay the $99 annual recertification fee 
  • Complete 12 continuing education credits. Accepted topics for continuing education credits include, but are not limited to, tax planning, social media training, budgeting, money mindset, sales training, financial principles, and business development courses.

Become a Certified Professional Financial Coach™.

Certified coaches are an elite group of financial coaches who have proven themselves to be among the highest caliber of elite, professional coaches. 

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